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Rock Point House Provides Stage Coach Break
Rock Point House Provides Stage Coach Break   
Wednesday, September 14, 2011
By Alice Mullaly

Welcome to As It Was: Tales from the State of Jefferson
Henry Williams and family traveled from Portland, Ore., to their San Francisco home in May 1873.  It took a full week.

Leaving by train from East Portland at 8:15 a.m., they arrived in the evening at the end of the line in Roseburg.  The following day was a jolting, 23-hour stage ride to the Rock Point House north of Jacksonville.

William’s diary says: “Not having slept any … during the night we at once went to bed and got about four hours sleep. We breakfasted at 10 and had a very good meal … We have spent a very quiet day... I found a number of San Francisco newspapers of much later date than any I had seen and was much interested in reading them. My wife and Miss Isabella slept most of the day... Late this afternoon we took a long walk in the edge of the woods near the banks of the [Rogue] river where we found a number of beautiful wild flowers.”

They spent the next three days on a stage, from 6 a.m. to midnight each day, with stops only for meals and to change horses.  At Redding, they resumed the journey by train.

Today’s episode of As It Was was written by Alice Mullaly, the program producer is Raymond Scully.  I’m Shirley Patton.  As It Was is a co-production of JPR and the Southern Oregon Historical Society.  To share stories or to learn more about the series, visit asitwas –

Source: Henry F. Williams Papers, 1848-1911, BANC MSS 73/82 c Box 3, Bancroft Library, University of California Berkeley.


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