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Wolf Creek Tavern   
Monday May 9, 2005
By Marjorie O'Harra

Welcome to As It Was: Tales from the State of Jefferson

Travelers making the trip between Sacramento and Portland in the 1880s found rest, food and hospitality at Wolf Creek Tavern - as we do today - about twenty miles north of Grants Pass, Oregon. For those earlier travelers, it was a break in a 700-mile, seven-day stagecoach trip. For us, it's a chance to enjoy a bit of nostalgia.

 Wolf Creek Tavern, built in 1883 by pioneer merchant Henry Smith, was designed to appeal to a genteel clientele. It has a ladies' parlor, tap room, dinning room, nine overnight guest rooms and an upstairs ballroom. The old apple and pear trees in the gardens are part of an orchard planted in 1885.

In the early twentieth century the inn was a popular destination for famous authors and actors including Jack London, Sinclair Lewis, Orson Wells, Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks Jr. and Clark Gable.

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the romantic old building has been carefully restored and operates as an inn year 'round. If you open the door and step inside you will find yourself in the oldest continuous-use hotel in Oregon.

To reach the Wolf Creek Tavern, at Wolf Creek, Oregon, follow Interstate 5, to Exit 76.

Today's episode of As It Was was written by Marjorie O'Harra, the program engineer is Raymond Scully.  I'm Shirley Patton. As It was is a co-production of JPR and the Southern Oregon Historical Society.  To Share stories or learn more about the series visit asitwas - dot- org

SOURCE: Oregon A to Z, by Connie Battaile Script by Marjorie O'Harra.

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