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Friday April 8, 2005
By Marjorie O'Harra

Welcome to As It Was: Tales from the State of Jefferson

The day of the "company town" is gone, but in McCloud, California, it's not forgotten.

Tucked into the forest on the south slope of majestic Mt. Shasta, this small, friendly town began when the McCloud River Lumber Company built a sawmill there in the 1890s.

For more than 60 years, the lumber company was known as "Mother McCloud." A third-generation resident explained, "Everything was company owned.  When your faucet leaked or a light burned out, you'd just call Mother McCloud and a crew would be over to fix it for you."

The lumber company sold in 1965. Town residents bought the homes and buildings. They preserved the nature of their town, making it an inviting place to visit.

The general store still stands on Main Street, and the train still whistles when it pulls into the depot.  The McCloud Hotel, former lumber company offices, hospital, and several fine old homes have all been charmingly refurbished and serve guests as bed and breakfast establishments.

McCloud is 12 miles east of Interstate 5 via the Highway 89 exit off Interstate 5 at
Mount Shasta City.  P&M Cedar Products operates a state-of-the-art mill here now - but
the former "company town" is owned by its people.

Today's episode of As It Was was written by Marjorie O'Harra, the program engineer is Raymond Scully.  I'm Shirley Patton. As It was is a co-production of JPR and the Southern Oregon Historical Society.  To Share stories or learn more about the series visit asitwas - dot- org

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