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Jefferson Exchange Guest Suggestions

Do you have a topic idea or guest suggestion for The Jefferson Exchange?  We welcome your ideas.
The Jefferson Exchange is a live call-in program broadcast on JPR's News & Information Service from 8am-10am on weekdays.  We tend to book guests for half-hour slots in the first hour, and for the length of the second hour.
Things to consider:
  Guests are usually booked two weeks in advance of the program air-date.
  Oregon, California, or “State of Jefferson” issues are most likely to get consideration.  But we often range a bit farther afield in our second hour, exploring topics of general interest to a broad audience.
  We avoid turning The Jefferson Exchange into a venue for guests to plug upcoming events.  However, if the guest is scheduled to be on The Jefferson Exchange program, and he or she is appearing at an upcoming event; that event will typically get a mention. 
  If you are trying to draw listener attention to a non-profit event, please visit JPR’s Community Calendar and add your event information.  Community Calendar information goes to JPR program announcers for on-air use.
In your guest suggestion, please briefly answer the following questions:
  What is the subject or topic for the program you have in mind? 
  Who is the guest and why is she/he particularly qualified? (Helpful data: years in the field, publications or other research, academic background, teaching experience, etc.  Please include a web link or other on-line reference.)
Thank you and ... please keep the ideas coming!
Send to: or by mail to:
The Jefferson Exchange
Jefferson Public Radio
Southern Oregon University
1250 Siskiyou Blvd.
Ashland, OR 97520

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