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Whether you're traveling out of the area, you work in a basement office with no reception, or you simply don't have a radio handy, don't worry! JPR provides a variety of ways you can stream our programming online. Simply select one of the options below to keep your ears and your brain happy.

iTunes / MP3


iPhone Application:

With JPR's free downloadable iPhone application, JPR fans can stream any of JPR's three program services at the quick touch of a button on an iPhone or iPod Touch. It's quick to connect, simple to use, and allows you to take JPR with you wherever you go.

To download the app, visit the App Store on iTunes here.

Direct URLs for JPR's Webstreams:

If the links above don't work, you can connect directly to the stream using the URLs below. The instructions vary across media players (iTunes, Real Player, Windows Media) - but are largely the same.

Instructions for Manually Connecting:
  1. Choose your preferred stream URL. Highlight and copy the URL. For example, the stream URL for JPR's Rhythm & News Service MP3 stream is:
  2. Open your preferred media player, such as iTunes or Real Player.
  3. This is where it varies by player. On Real Player choose File > Open. For iTunes go to Advanced > Open Audio Stream. For Windows Media Player it's File > Open URL.
  4. Paste in the Stream URL. Click OK. The stream should open and begin to play. The Player should also automatically add this to your playlists.

If you have any questions, please click HERE 
to contact us.

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